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Who is the King of Burgers? Well, it is McDonalds in India, but today we are going to talk about what makes Burger King prices one of the best in India, The Burger King. Burger King with its late entry in India has quickly gone onto become one of the most budget friendly and delicious burger brand in India. Whether you’re looking for a quick meal or a small snack, Burger King India has definitely got it all in its Indian menu. Check out Burger King menu with prices here.

We have compiled all the burgers, sides, snacks, fries, drinks etc all in one page. From Whopper to the Big King, from Peri Peri fries to onion rings. Burger King India has quickly and swiftly added little snacks to its menu which are pocket friendly and super yum. Burger King India has many competitors in India such as McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, The Burger Club but Burger King menu prices in India are only matched with McDonalds Indian Menu are both offering unbelievable prices and super taste.

burger king prices

Burger King offers a menu with competitive prices which features a lots of options for anyone looking for a quick snack, it takes a mere ten minutes to get a Burger King order ready, which is so tempting for a lot of Indians, as it saves time and also fulfills their appetite. Burger King apps takes thirty minutes for a Burger King online order to get delivered at your place. Burger King home delivery in recent times has seen a major change, with Burger King home delivery focusing a lot of their resources on their logistics. Burger King apps is the best way to go if your want your home delivery order on time.

For non-healthier options, you can go for their classic, Burger King Whopper which comes in Veg, Chicken and Mutton, also comes in two different sizes, with single patty and double patty. Then, you have other burgers such as Crispy Veg Burger, Crispy Chicken Double Patty Burger, Burger King’s Veggie Burger with Cheese and Burger King’s Chicken Burger with Cheese. But the hottest selling of all these is the Burger King Chicken Whopper, the patty of whopper just hits different. KFC menu in India also offers a whopper type burger in their menu, you can read about it more here.

Burger King Tasty Meals @ 99
burger king prices

Talking about Burger King’s side offerings, their French Fries and Peri Peri Fries are to die for, crispy and spicy. Besides fries, they have Boneless Wings, Hashbrown, Chicken Fries, Veggie Strips, Chicken Strips, Creamy Italian Fries with cheesy dip. These are all the non-healthier sides options, there are none healthy options as of now. Mcdonalds menu offers a lot of healthy options as compared to Burger King’s Indian menu. For healthier options, you can choose Salads, Paneer Royale Wrap, Chicken Wrap.

When it comes to beverages, Burger King’s Indian menu has plenty to choose from, Ice Teas, Soft Drinks (Pepsi, Coca Cola, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, 7up), Mango Thick Shake, Chocolate Thick Shake, Berry Blast Thick Shake. You can also go for their coffee range which includes Cappuccino, Americano, Cafe Latte, Classic Cold Frappe, Mocha Frappe, Hot Chocolate and Masala Chai. The coffee comes in two different sizes, Small and Regular. The prices vary from City to City, prices in outlets such as Burger King Delhi and Gurgaon are the same but in outlets like Burger King Mumbai and Pune are a bit on the higher side.

Burger King Menu with Prices

Let’s talk about Burger King prices, Burger King India offers one of the most pocket friendly fast food chains in India. Burger King prices are competitive as the starting price range for burgers is Rs.70 with Crispy Veg Burger and it goes till Rs.359 for their Mexican Mutton Whopper. Burger King prices for their meals for as little as Rs.99, a Veg Whopper meal with regular french fries and a regular drink will cost around Rs. 199 in Delhi. Burger King Whopper Chicken meal with regular french fries and a regular drink will cost around Rs. 249 in Gurgaon. If you find this high, you can check out burger king coupon codes and offers at various online platforms such as Paytm, GrabOn, CouponDunia etc.

Burger King Chicken Whopper₹199
Burger King Mutton Whopper₹319
Burger King Veg Double Whopper₹229
Burger King Veg Whopper₹179
Burger King Chicken Double Whopper₹259
Burger King Mexican Veg Whopper₹219
Burger King Veg Whopper with Cheese₹204
Burger King Chicken Whopper with Cheese₹224
Burger King Mexican Chicken Whopper₹239
Burger King Mexican Mutton Whopper₹359

Burger King India menu offers a lots of options for non-vegetarian lovers. Their Chicken burger offerings start at Rs.90 with Crispy Chicken Burger and their most expensive Chicken Burger is the Chicken Double Whopper which comes in at Rs.259 without any sides or drinks. Burger King prices for their french fries which comes in two different sizes start from Rs.144. Boneless Wings start from Rs.129.

Burger King’s menu also offers few desserts such as Choco Lava Cup, Chocochip Muffin, Coffee Mousee Cup is my favorite as it contains coffee and that’s my go to drink. It is so easy and convenient to find a list of all the Burger King locations in your area. Just look up “Burger King near me” and you can find plenty of outlets nearby. For any other information, you can use our search feature for finding other Burger King India outlets nearby.


From little snacks to bug meals, Burger Kings offers a variety of options on their menu and with such a competitive price range offering one of the best bang for your buck burgers and meals. Burger King Prices are only matched by McDonalds menu as of today. They have a variety of fried and flame-grilled options that appeals to everyone’s needs and tastes. From their classic Burger King Chicken Whopper to their Crispy Boneless Wings, Burger King’s India menu has something for everyone.

The best part is how reasonably prices the items are on Burger King’s menu. A burger starting from Rs.70 was only a dream a long time ago, and now Burger King India has made it a reality for Indians. Burger King has quickly become one of the most pocket friendly and delicious fast food restaurant in India. You can check out our full Burger King’s menu which induces all the latest offering with up to date prices for India.