American Chicken Fast Food

Burger King’s menu in India is full of variety, from classic favorites such as the Whopper to the Big King. You can also opt for side meals such as fries, onion rings, boneless wings etc. If you’re looking for healthier options you can go for salads and wraps, offering you taste and nutrition at a reasonable price. There is plenty to choose from when it comes to Burger Kings’s Indian menu.

Chicken Whopper₹199
Mutton Whopper₹319
Veg Double Whopper₹229
Veg Whopper₹179
Chicken Double Whopper₹259
Mexican Veg Whopper₹219
Veg Whopper with Cheese₹204
Chicken Whopper with Cheese₹224
Mexican Chicken Whopper₹239
Mexican Mutton Whopper₹359
Burgers & WrapsPrice
Crispy Veg Burger₹70
Crispy Veg Double Patty Burger₹99
BK Veggie Burger₹139
BK Chicken Burger₹149
Veg Makhani Burst Burger₹80
Whopper Jr Veg Burger₹149
Crispy Chicken Double Patty Burger₹129
BK Chicken Double Patty Burger₹179
Whopper Jr Chicken Burger₹169
BK Veggie Double Patty Burger₹159
BK Veggie Burger₹139
Chicken Makhani Burst Burger₹100
Crispy Chicken Burger₹90
BK Chicken Burger with Cheese Burger₹164
BK Veggie Burger with Cheese Burger₹154
Whopper Jr Veg with Cheese Burger₹174
Whopper Jr Chicken Double Burger₹219
Whopper Jr Chicken with Cheese Burger₹194
Crispy Chicken with Cheese Burst Burger₹115
Paneer Royale Wrap₹209
Kings Premium BurgersPrice
Hot n Cheezy Burger₹199
Paneer Royale Burger₹199
Fiery Chicken Burger₹199
Chicken Tandoori Burger₹199
Sides and WingsPrice
Choco Lava Cup₹109
Chocochip Muffin₹129
Coffee Mousse Cup₹129
Boneless Wings – Regular₹149
Boneless Wings – Large₹249
Peri Peri Fries – King₹159
Peri Peri Fries – Medium₹144
French Fries – King₹130
French Fries – Medium₹115
Creamy Italian Fries₹139
Chicken Fries – 5pc₹79
Cheesy Fries₹139
Veggie Strips 5pc & Easy Cheesy Dip₹73
Chicken Strips 5pc & Fiery Hell Dip₹103
Boneless Wings – Regular & Herby Garlic Dip₹173
Boneless Wings – Large & Herby Garlic Dip₹273
Drinks and CoffeePrice
Lipton Ice Tea Medium₹95
Pepsi Medium₹95
Chocolate Thick Shake₹189
Mango Thick Shake₹189
Berry Blast Thick Shake₹189
Pepsi Black Medium₹95
Mirinda Medium₹95
Mountain Dew Medium₹95
7up Medium₹95
Cappuccino Small₹159
Cappuccino Regular₹189
Americano Small₹139
Americano Regular₹169
Cafe Latte Small₹159
Cafe Latte Regular₹189
Classic Cold Coffee₹199
Mocha Frappe₹269
Hot Chocolate₹179
Masala Chai₹109