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American Chicken Fast Food
Burgers & WrapsPrice
McAloo Tikki Burger₹45
Masala McEgg Burger₹67
McChicken Burger₹135
McVeggie Burger₹149
Corn and Cheese Burger₹145
Filet-O-Fish Burger₹180
Grilled Chicken and Cheese Burger₹164
Veg Maharaja Mac Burger₹220
McSpicy Chicken Burger₹185
McSpicy Paneer Burger₹200
Chicken Maharaja Mac Burger₹247
Chicken Kebab Burger₹109
Mexican McAloo Tikki Burger₹72
McSpicy Premium Veg Burger₹249
McSpicy Premium Chicken Burger₹260
Big Spicy Paneer Wrap₹210
Big Spicy Chicken Wrap₹228
Happy MealsPrice
McVeggie Happy Meal₹298
McAloo Tikki Happy Meal₹207
McChicken Happy Meal₹319
McEgg Happy Meal₹231
Sides and WingsPrice
Masala Wedges Regular₹78
Masala Wedges Medium₹114
Masala Wedges Large₹130
Mexican Cheesy Fries₹142
Chicken Strips 2pc₹100
Chicken Strips 3pc₹150
Chicken Strips 5pc₹236
Cheesy Veg Nuggets 9pc₹199
Cheesy Veg Nuggets 4pc₹90
Cheesy Veg Nuggets 2pc₹50
French Fries – Regular₹78
French Fries – Medium₹114
French Fries – Large₹130
Fries Medium + Piri Piri Mix₹115
Chicken McNuggets 6pc₹169
Chicken McNuggets 9pc₹201
Chicken McNuggets 20pc₹369
Veg Pizza McPuff₹56
Classic Corn Cup₹88
Loaded Masala Wedges₹140
Desserts and BakeryPrice
Kit Kat Sundae₹99
Soft Serve Strawberry ₹101
Brownie Hot Fudge₹138
Kit Kat Mcflurry₹118
Black Forest McFlurry₹115
McFlurry Oreo Medium₹129
McFlurry Oreo Small₹91
Soft Serve Hot Fudge₹101
Kit Kat McFlurry₹128
Chocolate Express Cake₹200
Blueberry Cheesecake₹229
Vanilla Chocolate Muffin₹129
Chocolate Chip Muffin₹139
Drinks and CoffeePrice
Masala Pop Sprite₹94
Mixed Fruit Beverage₹75
Coke Zero Can₹67
Masala Pop Coke₹94
Chilli Guava Sprite₹94
Chilli Guava Coke ₹94
McCafe Classic Coffee₹215
Cappuccino Small₹170
Cappuccino Regular₹200
McCafe Iced Americano₹180
McCafe Americano Regular₹190
Cafe Latte Small₹170
Cafe Latte Regular₹200
Classic Cold Coffee₹199
Flat White₹173
Hot Chocolate₹184
McCafe Ice Coffee₹109
McCafe Chocolate Frappe₹278
McCafe Mocha Frappe₹278
Kit Kat Frappe₹256
Green Apple Chiller₹180
Strawberry Chiller₹180
Lemon Chiller₹180