The name McDonald’s doesn’t need an introduction. Founded in April 1955 by Ray Kroc, McDonalds has slowly and steadily made its name among the pioneers of fast-food market. Being one of the Big Five brands in the fast-food market. McDonald’s has been serving burgers and fries worldwide for almost three-quarters of a century. McDonald’s offers its customers one of the most diverse and delightful menu options in the Indian market as of today. Burgers, Fries, McPuff, Meals, Shakes, Sodas you name it and McDonalds has it all.

In this blog we are going to discuss on the McDonalds burger price, specially their marquee product which everyone has had once in their life, the McDonalds Aloo Tikki burger price and its significance in the Indian market. Better known as McAloo Tikki price. We are also going to talk about other famous burgers on the McDonalds price list such as McDonalds Chicken Burger, McDonalds Chicken Burger Price, Maharaja Mac Price and last but not the least, McVeggie Burger.

McDonalds prices have always been mouth-watering and competitive. Their signature McAloo Tikki Burger price is just Rs.45, making it the most desired vegetarian burger in the Indian fast food market. The McAloo Tikki Burger has a patty with vegetables such as potatoes, peas, onions, tomatoes. What makes it the best are the spices and delicious tandoori mayonnaise sauce in between the buns. The McAloo Tikki price is just Rs.45 which isn’t much for a burger and what it offers. Check out todays McDonalds menu with prices below:

Burgers & WrapsPrice
McAloo Tikki Burger₹45
Masala McEgg Burger₹67
McChicken Burger₹135
McVeggie Burger₹149
Corn and Cheese Burger₹145
Filet-O-Fish Burger₹180
Grilled Chicken and Cheese Burger₹164
Veg Maharaja Mac Burger₹220
McSpicy Chicken Burger₹185
McSpicy Paneer Burger₹200
Chicken Maharaja Mac Burger₹247
Chicken Kebab Burger₹109
Mexican McAloo Tikki Burger₹72
McSpicy Premium Veg Burger₹249
McSpicy Premium Chicken Burger₹260
Big Spicy Paneer Wrap₹210
Big Spicy Chicken Wrap₹228

If we talk about their other burger offerings such as McChicken, McVeggie and the grand old Maharaja Mac price. They are also priced at very reasonable prices which start from Rs.69 to Rs.199 depending on the deals and offers going on currently. But there isn’t much of a difference in the regular prices and deal prices. McDonalds Happy Meal prices get a lot cheaper during various promotions and deals.

McDonalds price list has been designed in a way to entice Indian customers to keep coming back for more and more. McDonalds McAloo Tikki burger price, McChicken burger price and Maharaja Mac price are so competitive that brands like Burger King and KFC are recently offering much lower priced burgers but McDonalds taste and value for money is going to get beaten anytime soon.

McDonald’s ground-breaking idea of offering Happy Meals with toys which started in 1979 with Star Trek was what made it so popular among kids and teenagers. Offering food with toys was an idea so unique that changed the fast-food market perspective about Meals in general. McDonalds starting marketing their meals with toys from Star Trek, Toy Story, Santa Claus, Hot Wheels, Garfield, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Superheroes, Tom and Jerry, Donald Duck etc. McDonalds Happy Meal Price in India starts from Rs.207 and goes all the way upto Rs.319.

Their French fries, Peri Peri fries, Chicken nuggets and Pizza McPuff are also one of the best in the segment. McDonalds McAloo Tikki Burger Price, McDonalds McChicken Burger Price, McVeggie Burger Price, and Maharaja Mac Price are all tasteful and value for money options for those looking for vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. McDonalds French Fries price in India starts from Rs.78 and goes up to a maximum of Rs.130 offering the best bang for your buck in the fries segment.

Lastly, McDonalds Burger price and McDonalds McAloo Tikki Burger price is what makes them the undeniable king of the Indian Fast-Food Market. McDonalds prices can vary depending on the city you’re in but it’s still reasonably priced. So, if you’re looking to get a cure for your hunger and also get the best bang for your buck then look nowhere else than McDonalds because the chances are there is surely going to be a McDonalds within 5kms of you.