Sandwiches or ‘Subs’ are a popular choice for many health-conscious individuals. But, is the Subway menu that it offers in India healthy? Let’s take a comprehensive, fact-based look to find out.

Subway is an American fast food restaurant franchise that is known for its sub sandwiches. The franchise was founded in 28 August 1965 in Connecticut, United States. Subway has quickly and swiftly gone on to become one fo the leading fast food chains in India since the early 2000s. Fast food in India has grown at a rapid pace making it one of the leading industries in India. With their “Eat Fresh” motto, the promise of customized, made-to-order sandwiches seems like a meal utopia.

Subway India and its Offerings

Subway India is known for its nutritious and super delicious sandwiches, salads, subs, wraps and many more mouth watering items. Today we are going to take a look at the Subway menu with price in detail. Also, what makes them the leading fast food brand in India among subs and sandwiches. When Subway India original opened its doors in this country it was quite an unknown brand which many people didn’t even heard of. At that time, Subway was mainly operational in North America, Europe and few parts in Asia.

What separates Subway India from its competitors is it’s ability to offer almost everything in its menu in a healthy way while also keeping the prices down. Subway with its wide variety of menu items, has quickly taken over the sandwich market in India. From popular subs like Veggie Delite Sub and Aloo Patty Sub to newly additions such as Chicken Slice, Egg & Cheese Sub and Roasted chicken Strips Sub. Subway offers plenty of options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian lovers.

Subway’s idea of offering Sub of the day at discounted prices was what made them so popular among the youth. Offering different subs on different days at a discounted price paved a way for new customers to try out their sandwiches and subs and also save some money while also enjoying a delicious meal. Subway’s Sub of the day includes items from both Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian menu, all healthy options, so nobody feels left out. The only unhealthier option on the subway menu is their cookies.

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We came up with a menu with prices listing all the subs, sandwiches, footlong, wraps and sub of the day that Subway India is offering to its customers. From Tandoori Tofu Sub to Turkey Breast & Chicken Slice Sub our menu list features it all. Even though Subway has many competitors in India offering sandwiches and wraps such as McDonalds and Burger King but none of them offers customization options the way Subway India offers.

Subway offers a unique taste in their sandwiches with their variety of sauces such as Barbeque, Sweet Chilli, Mustard, Mint Mayo, Tandoori Mayo, Southwest at no extra cost. You can put as many sauces on your sub as you like. The Vegetarian options in their menu start from Rs.172 with the Veggie Delite 6 inch sub and it goes up to Rs.191 with their Paneer Tikka Sub. The Non-Vegetarian options start from a tempting price range of Rs.153 with Chicken Slice, Egg & Cheese Sub and Cheese and Egg sub and it goes up to Rs.224 for their super spicy and pricey Feisty Chicken 6 inch sub.

Subway menu in India also offers a 12 inch option most famously known as subway footlong at a discounted price. For example, Italian BMT in a 6inch sub size is Rs.224 but an Italian BMT in a footlong size is Rs.391, saving you almost fifty rupees which isn’t much but its money in your pocket.

Is Subway Healthy?

Subway is healthy, if you’re choosing the right ingredients. Here’s some food for thought – a handy cheat-sheet to help you make healthier choices at Subway. The first stepping stone towards a healthy sandwich at Subway is to aim for calorie-controlled options. Most six-inch subs at Subway contain between 250 to 400 calories, making them a better choice compared to fast-food alternatives which can clock up double or triple this count.

Subway offers a medley of fresh vegetables that you can add to your sub. Loading your sandwich with these fiber-rich options not only enhances the taste but also contributes significantly to your daily recommended intake of veggies. If you’re looking to maintain a balanced diet, opt for lean proteins like turkey, chicken or veggie patties. Avoid meat-based options which are high in saturated fats.

Many often assume that the subway bread or the filling is the calorie culprit. Well, choosing the right bread is also important. Whole grain bread is known to be richer in fibers as compared to white. Therefore, choosing the whole grain option can significantly contribute to your daily fiber intake. But it’s usually the condiments and dressings that are the hidden calorie bombs. Opting for light or low-fat dressing or just a drizzle of vinegar or mustard can prevent unnecessary stacking up of calories. Choosing the right subway bread can make or break your sandwich.

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A 6 inch Veggie Patty Sub Sandwich contains 390 Calories with 23g of Protein and 7g of Fat making it the highest calorie sub in the vegetarian category because of its thick patty which contains potatoes and peas. Their healthiest option is the Veggie Delite Sub Sandwich which contains 230 Calories with 8g of Protein and only 2.5g of Fat because this sub is mainly made up of healthy vegetables and not a lot of sauces. Now, lets take a look at their non-vegetarian options.

A 6 inch Italian BMT Sub Sandwich contains 410 Calories with 20g of Protein and 16g of Fat. Subway’s m,ost healthier option from the non-vegetarian options is their 6 inch Turkey sub which comes in at 280 Calories with 18g of Protein and only 3.5g of Fat. Simultaneously, you can double this with their footlong offerings, if a 6 inch sub contains 410 Calories then a 12 inch footlong contains almost 800 Calories with 35g of Protein and 30g of Fat. Only Subway and Starbucks food menu offers healthy sandwich options in India as of today.

Subway Menu with Price
6 inch SubsPrice
Tandoori Tofu Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹191
Veggie Delite Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹172
Chatpata Chana Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹172
Hara Bhara Kebab Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹172
Mexican Patty Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹172
Veg Seekh Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹172
Veg Shammi Kebab Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹191
Aloo Patty Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹191
Corn & Peas Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹191
Paneer Tikka Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹191
Feisty Paneer Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹191
Peri Peri Chicken Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹210
Chicken Kofta Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹210
Roasted chicken Strips Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹210
Tandoori Chicken Tikka Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹210
Chicken Slice Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹210
Italian B.M.T. Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹224
Chicken Teriyaki Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹224
Subway Club Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹224
Tuna Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹224
Turkey Breast & Chicken Slice Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹224
Turkey Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹224
Feisty Chicken Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹224
Chicken Slice, Egg & Cheese Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹153
Cheese & Egg Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹153
Western Egg & Cheese Sub ( 15 cm, 6 Inch )₹153

You can save a lot of with Subway if you’re smart enough. Opting for sub of the day instead of the regular sub and going for the extra large subway footlong instead of the regular 6 inch sub makes so much sense. You can also save money by putting an order online, due to many offers that Subway almost everyday offers on online orders. For ordering a Subway meal online is quick and easy through Swiggy or Zomato. Just choose your toppings and sauces and you’re done ordering online.


Subway can undoubtedly be a healthier alternative to most fast-food joints, given you make the right choices when picking the ingredients. It truly boils down to what you add between those slices of bread. Subway is indeed one of the better options, as long as you’re mindful. Remember, the “Eat Fresh” chain’s strength lies in the ability to customize. Use it wisely, and you’ve got yourself a filling, nutrient-rich, healthy meal.

If you’re looking for a healthier option while also saving some money, Subway menu India offers it all with its wide variety of subs, sandwiches, wraps, footlong, sauces. Subway has something for everyone as you can see from the list we provided. Also, don’t forget to check out their various offers, daily deals and sub of the day to get the most out of your money. So next time, when you’re ordering your sub from Subway, you know exactly what to choose. Think calorie-controlled, think whole grain, and remember to pile on those veggies!

Subway India contact number and their website to order online.